Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Stone Bridges of Butler County, Kansas in winter

This is a return visit in December 2013 to the stone bridges of Butler County, Kansas.

Stone Bridges of Butler County, Kansas 

This group of four bridges is located east of Wichita, just past Augusta and south of El Dorado, on the north side of Highway 54/ Highway 400. If you get out and wander around, it takes about 1-2 hours.You can also get here by traveling south of El Dorado on Haverhill Road.

None are on the List of bridges on the National Register of Historic Places in Kansas. This is a shame.

1. East on Highway 54/Highway 400 to Haverhill Rd. (4 miles past Augusta) to 60th St., turn east and go 1 mile. Two spans of 20 and 30 feet, built 1912, by C.C. Jamison.

Double arch bridge of Butler County, Kansas at 60th Street off Haverhill Road.

2. Continue east to Walnut Valley Rd., turn south and go ½ mile. A single span of 25 feet. Side views are nearly impossible.

Single arch stone bridge Walnut Valley Rd., Butler County, Kansas

3. Continue south on Walnut Valley Rd to 70th St., turn west and go ½ mile. A single span of 25 feet, built 1897 by A. Methany. This is one of my favorites.

Single arch at 70th St. off of Haverhill Rd., Butler County, Kansas

4. Continue west on 70th St. across Haverhill Rd., then continue west on 70th St. to Ohio St. (paved roadway). Cross Ohio St. and continue west 7 miles on 70th St. to Diamond St., turn south on Diamond and go 1 and ½ miles to a 37 foot arch bridge.

Diamond Road Stone Bridge, Butler County, Kansas

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